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Avoiding the Dangers of Distraction

Distraction is the lack of ability to pay attention. Today, distractions are a constant in our lives. When you combine distraction with parenting, dangerous and fatal results can be the consequence. 


Growing use of mobile technology, combined with the need to be continuously available, provides parents with many opportunities for distractions. This is referred to as “distracted parenting.”


Communication is critical in bonding and child development. When parents are consistently interrupted by technology, this “partial attention” results in a lack of interaction during critical developmental stages. The long-term consequences of fragmented attention between a parent and child are still unknown.


In addition to these lost opportunities to bond, early research has shown that an increase in childhood injuries are associated with increasing use of smartphones. 


There are countless opportunities to teach, support and engage children throughout the day and the rewards are endless. These brief, but meaningful, interactions can shape healthy brain development. 

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