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Did you know?

  • Most infant drownings occur in bathtubs and buckets.
    Children ages 1-4 are more likely to drown in home swimming pools. 

  • Drowning is quick, silent and deadly. It is a leading cause of preventable death for children of all ages but the highest risk is under age 4.

  • There is no substitution for constant supervision when a baby is in or near water. 


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that parents never leave small children alone or in the care of another young child while in bathtubs, pools, wading pools, spas, or near irrigation ditches or standing water. Water buckets are also dangerous and should be emptied immediately after use. To prevent drowning in toilets, children should not be left alone in bathrooms. Children’s bath seats are not substitutes for supervision.


The AAP does not recommend water safety programs for children younger than age one. However, swim lessons are supported for older children. Not all children will be ready to swim at the same age.

Be sure that pools have secure fencing and doors and pools also have alarms when opened or entered. 

Close and capable supervision is key to keeping young children safe when they are in or around water. 

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